Preparation for Shoot

Walk through your own business: A great way to get an objective view of your business is to walk through it as though you were a first-time customer. What aspects of your store grab your attention? Pay attention to these areas so you can highlight them during the photo shoot.

Clean areas in the shoot

  1. Put away any papers on surfaces
  2. Empty garbages that are visible
  3. Tidy up any cables
  4. Loose items should be put away, declutter
  5. Check outdoors (front door, patio, etc) so that it looks presentable
  6. Add decorations to look nice if needed
  7. Replace any burnt out light bulbs
  8. Clean any reflective surfaces

Point of Interest Photos will be taken
(please get these items ready)

  1. Business Card
  2. Endorsements\Awards
  3. Menus
  4. Any other items that represent your company
  5. Hours of operation Sculptures or paintings

For Restaurants

  1. Be ready to prepare 3 food dishes to add to the Point Of Interest photos
  2. Restaurant tables usually should be set